• Копировальный аппарат ВНР

  • Высокоскоростной копировальный аппарат ВНР

  • Высокоскоростная проявочная машина PHOTOMEC

  • Высокоскоростные проявочные машины «PHOTOMEC»

  • Лазерное оборудование «MWA LLK IV»

  • Отдел технического контроля

  • Второй просмотровый зал

  • Второй просмотровый зал

Высокоскоростной копировальный аппарат ВНР для печати тиражных фильмокопий с интернегатива

Timofeeva Anna
The Head
E-mail: timofeeva@mosfilm.ru
Contact phone: +7 (499) 143-9393
Phone/Fax: 7 (499) 143 9455

The Film Processing Laboratories at the Mosfilm Cinema Concern is equipped with the most modern technologies. The manufacturing processes based on the most advanced technologies of negative and positive film processing. To ensure the highest quality of finished products in the laboratory works highly skilled specialists only.

The Film Processing Laboratory of the Mosfilm Cinema Concern includes the following subdivisions:

  • Negative film processing
  • Positive film processing and release printing
  • Color timing and Negative cutting
  • Sound transfer
  • Restoration and ultrasonic film cleaning
  • Quality control
  • Order desk with packing section
  • Film stocks storage.

Technical department of the Engineer-in-Chief the Mosfilm Cinema Concern provides quality control of the laboratory production.

The Film Processing Laboratory is offers the following services:

  • Color 35mm and 16mm negative films processing, using Kodak ECN-II process on PHOTOMEC developing machines;
  • 35mm sound negative processing using PHOTOMEC machines
  • Negative 35 mm sound tracks developing, using PHOTOMEC developing machine;
  • Premiere and answer printing from negatives, using ВНР duplicating machines;
  • Release printing from the IN with high-speed ВНР duplicating machines;
  • Trailers “loop” release printing from the IN;
  • The color positive processing by ECP-2D (Kodak) process on PHOTOMEC and DEBRIE high-speed machines.
  • Negative cutting: using the preassembled positive, EDL, the preexisting video master and EDL, providing the optic sound prints picture prints with standard leaders, syncing, scene selection from negative, takes selection for cutting and scanning, negative preparation for video transfers;
  • Restoration and ultrasonic cleaning of film materials
  • «DOLBY SR», «DOLBY SR*D», or «DTS» optical sound printing using the cutting-edge MWA LLK 4 laser equipment (Germany);
  • IN and IP printing using traditional methods on “intermediate” Kodak and Fuji film stocks;
  • Anti-piracy encoding of selected parts with a special encoding appliance;
  • Sensitometric tests of all color negative and positive prints as well as the optical sound prints.

The Technical Control Department (TCD) of Engineer-in-Chief Service of the Mosfilm Cinema Concern carries out technical quality control of rush negatives, IPs and INs, positive prints, and evaluates image and sound quality. For prints preview we are using the CTM DEBRIE (France) and KEM (Germany) inspection tables with monitors.

Two preview theatres are using for impartial checking of produced prints. First room (15 seats) equipped with newest multifunction cine complex. It includes two Kinoton (Germany) film projectors with removable multi-format optical heads. This theatre allows preview films at speeds in the range of 1 to 48 fps, in both forward and backward. Also film projectors supports still frame mode, dual projectors sync mode with the common control desk and able to rewind film at a speed up to 100 fps in both forward and backward. The theatre equipped with both Dolby and DTS sound systems. In addition, the room equipped with a Dolby Digital sound quality control system.

TCD's Second room loaded with the same set of equipment, but there are 60 seats in it.