The White Snow of Russia

Director: Yury Vyshinsky
Writer: Alexander Kotov, Yury Vyshinsky
Camera: Sergey Vronsky
Music: Alexander Flyarkovsky
Artist: Alexander Myagkov, Tatiana Lapshina
Actors: Vladimir Samoylov, Yury Kayurov, Alexander Mikhailov, Kristina Mikolaevska, Vsevolod Yakut, Natalia Gundareva, Boris Galkin
Year: 1980

Based on A. Kotov's novel The White and Black. About the first Russian world chess champion Alexander Alekhin who exploded the invincibility myth about Kapablanka at a match in Argentina in 1927. About the chess genius triumphs in different countries, his stormy personal life, his dream to return home that never fullfilled. Covered in the film is the period of Alekhin's life in exile from 1921 to the day of his death in Portugal in spring 1946.